El Paso Ofrenda

In August 2019, I had the privilege of working on the “Ofrenda a Nuestra Comunidad Internacional de El Paso” for the Mexic-Arte Museum’s Dia de los Muertos & Community Altars Exhibition. It was an honor to commemorate the lives of the victims involved in the tragedy that impacted my community. Thank you to Jose Martinez for planning, reaching out and coordinating. Thank you to Sylvia Orozco for relinquishing creative control to the local community.

I am extremely proud to be from El Paso and the incident felt deeply personal. It was personal to everyone from El Paso, regardless if they hadn’t lived there in years. Every person who volunteered was dedicated and amazing. To me, it felt like a very healing, therapeutic experience for those of us living away from home. It was the perfect example of what makes El Paso an exceptional community. We are connected, resilient and above all, we look out for each other.

Photo by Victoria Maranan
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